Who Am I?

I am an engineer in artificial intelligence and robotics. In 2012, I graduated at Sapienza, University of Roma.
If you wish to have more information about it, you can visit Sapienza's website.

BLEFramework for Unity

I am currently writing BleFramework, a framework for using Bluetooth Low Energy peripherals (such as the Arduino based robot equipped with ReadbearLab BleMini I shown you in this tutorial ) with modern Smartphones running Android or iOS. I started this project because I loved using Unity during the development of my latest game, Spirited Car, and since I am developing a 2.0 version of the robot, this framework will help me to command it with any Android/iOS ble device. Stay tuned.

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OpenSceneGraph iOS Support

I maintain a fork of the OpenSceneGraph library on Github, where you can download an Xcode Project that will allow you to easily build universal static libraries (device+simulator) for your iOS projects. Actually the XcodeProject is available for the dev version 3.1.4, and the stable releases 3.2 and 3.4. However in the master branch you can find extended instructions on how to create this Xcode project for the latest OpenSceneGraph version.

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I've worked to projects involving aspects of computer science at the state of the art, involving robotics, control systems, artificial vision, object tracking, machine learning, image classification and recognition, neural networks and augmented reality systems.

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iOS, OSX, tvOS Development

I have several iOS apps available on the App Store. You can search my name on the App Store or visit the Apps section of the website.

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I am passionate about photography and in general everything concerning art and design. You can follow me on flickr if you are interested in my photographic works.

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